2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

The Board of the Trustees and the Fellows of the Collegium Augustinianum are committed to keeping our degree programs affordable since we firmly believe that one’s financial state should not prevent the furtherance of one’s education, especially in the sacred sciences of philosophy and theology. Thanks to the generosity of our patrons, the Collegium Augustinianum also awards academic scholarships, tuition remission scholarships, graduate assistantships and a few work-study scholarships to students who can demonstrate financial need. Tuition and fees are subject to change according to the most current publication of the prospectus. All fees are non-refundable. 

Full Academic Year

Annual Tuition (Degree Programs, effective June 1, 2018)=                 $9,000.001

Per Each Summer Session (Philadelphia)=                                                  $1,500.00

Auditor  (Philosophy or Theology Faculty) =                                              $900.00

Per Course only (School of Continuing Education) =                                  $700.002

Per Course only (Institute for Liturgical Studies) =                                      $500.00 

Application fee (for all programs and courses)=                                           $50.00

           Program Registration and Other fees

            1)       Certificate Programs =                                                           $35.00

2)       Graduate Diploma in Theology =                                          $45.00

3)       Bachelor Degree Programs Registration fee =                        $45.00

4)       Master/Licentiate Degree Programs Registration fee =          $45.00

5)       Doctoral Programs Registration fee =                                    $100.00

6)       Germany Study Abroad Program =                                        $45.00

7)       Language Course =                                                                 $25.00

8)       ID Card fee =                                                                         $15.00

9)       Transcripts=                                                                           $5.00

10)     Late Fee=                                                                               $50.00

11)     Payment Plan fee=                                                                  $350.004

Bachelor, Master and Licentiate Degree Graduation Fees

1)       Language Exam fee=                                                              $150.00

2)       Comprehensive Exam fee=                                                    $250.00

3)       Graduation fee =                                                                    $175.005

4)       Diploma fee (Vellum & Calligraphy)=                                    $350.00

            Doctoral Degree Graduation Fees

1)       Doctoral Defense fee=                                                            $350.006

2)       Doctoral Graduation fee =                                                      $175.007

3)       Doctoral Diploma fee (Vellum & Calligraphy)=                      $350.00


Clergy, Religious  and full-time teachers of theology receive a 20% discount of annual tuition. Students registered for Joint degree programs are required to pay for both degree programs (i.e., $14,000.00 per annum, or current tuition.) The annual program tuition covers the full academic year in which the student is matriculated only. Students receiving a tuition scholarship are not eligible to also take the discount for clergy or teachers of theology.

2 This fee is for the cost of individual courses (including Language courses and tutorials) through the School of Continuing Education.

3 Any prospective student may request a payment plan. The student generally required to demonstrate financial need by submitting the most recent Federal Tax Return. Please see the sample Payment Plan that is available for all approved students.

4 This fee includes the cost of rental graduate academic regalia. Regalia can be purchased through the College Bookstore.

5 The Doctoral Defense may incur more fees when a guest (external) reader is invited to participate in the tribunal. While the Doctoral Defense may take place in Rome, travel expenses for readers not residential in Rome are at the expense of the candidate.

6 Includes the cost of rental doctoral academic regalia.