A Christian Classical Preparatory for Boys
The Collegium Augustinianum is also a Christian college preparatory school and classical Lyceum for boys dedicated to a traditional education in ancient Greek and Latin Studies.

preparatory school seeks to train boys to be cultured Christian gentlemen through a traditional and classical education focuses on ancient Greco-Roman civilization, languages and literature. The school is essentially non-residential and conducted by professors who supervise the students through personal tutorials and small group seminars. Each student is assigned a tutor to guide the student through his studies, and students are required to meet with their tutors on a weekly basis. Students are also required to attend montly seminars.

Over three years of an accelerated and specialized secondary education, the student is able to achieve a high level of expertise in ancient Greek and Latin in preparation for university studies in classics and the traditional litterae humaniores degree.

Collegium Augustinianum graduates receive the prestigious "Classics Diploma" indicating the student's specialization in the classical languages, literature, philosophy and history of the ancient Greco-Roman world.

Annual Tuition: $10,000.00