Faculty of Canon Law 

The Faculty of Canon Law provides graduate education in the Canon Law and Canonical Jurisprudence, specifically applicable for the Churches of the Old Catholic Confederation, the Churches of the Anglican Communion and especially the Episcopal Church of the United States. The canonical Licentiate in Canon Law (J.C.L.) degree provides the necessary and professional credential for the practice of Canon Law in these ecclesial traditions, preparing the student to practice Canon Law in the above Churches, to serve in various capacities including Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Judicial Vicar, Tribunal Judge, Canonical Advocate for bishops and priests involved in canonical trials, etc.

The DOCTOR OF CANON LAW (J.C.D.) degree in Canon Law

The doctoral program in Canon Law and Jurisprudence generally takes a minimum of two years, including at least one year of research and one year to write the dissertation under the supervision of a professor. The dissertation may focus on any area of canon law, including the history of canon law, any historical topic related to canon law, or problems in the canon law of the Church with respect to the Roman Catholic, Old Catholic or Anglican (Episcopal) Code of Canon Law. 

The LICENTIATE IN CANON LAW (J.C.L.) degree in Canon Law

This degree is generally a two year degree program, except for those students already holding a degree in civil law such as the J.D. degree or the LL.B. degree who are accepted with advanced standing. The Student may declare a specialization in one of the following areas: 1) Canonical Advocacy, 2) Canon Law of the Episcopal Church, or 3) Canon Law of the Old Catholic Church. 

Requirements for acceptance into the Licentiate in Canon Law degree program: A student make already hold a Bachelor’s degree (ideally in Philosophy) and a degree in theology. A student with a law degree will receive advanced standing, reducing the time of the program to one academic year. However, such students will generally be required to complete a reading list in philosophy and theology at the discretion of the Dean.


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