Philosophy of Education

Inspired by ancient and medieval pedagogy, the Collegium Augustinianum is committed to a classical, liberal arts education founded upon dialectical questioning in order to elicit innate wonder and philosophic speculation rooted in the Great Books of the ancient Greco-Roman world and the middle ages. On the Baccalaureate level especially, our curriculum is essentially founded upon the traditional "Greats" (Literae Humaniores) course focusing on the Greco-Roman Classics.

Our faculty puts great emphasizes on primary works (especially ancient texts) and the importance of the original language of the text. While we offer courses and lectures on ancient Mediterranean (Greek, Roman, Byzantine) history, our faculty emphasizes critical textual analysis. We endeavor to reach the conceptual origins of the text and its ideas by a critical examination of its terms, structure and propositions as we seek to discover the authentic meaning of the text and to understand its conceptual construction and philosophical genealogy. 

On all levels of study, from the baccalaureate to the doctorate, our pedagogy is founded upon the mentoring relationship between the teacher and the student, as derived from ancient tradition. Thus, the professor leads the student or small group of students in the reading of the text at hand, through the dialectic of questioning, engaging the student to dive more deeply into the text. This ancient method of the tutorial, is the modus operandi whether the tutorial is conducted in person or via Skype conversation. In this way, the student and the professor not only form a bond in their common love of learning and of the works they study; but the student grows into becoming a colleague with the professor and his or her peers, by not only by entering into a deeper conversation with one another but also with the great thinkers of Western civilization. 

Since most of our degrees are, in fact, traditional research degrees that generally do not have a residency requirement, our degree programs require independent research under the supervision of one's moderating professor who will also direct and guide the student in his or her Master's thesis or Doctoral dissertation.  

As such, our students are from around the world, and we have a highly accomplished  and renowned faculty who can direct research degrees from anywhere, making the Collegium Augustinianum a truly global university. Our professors have earned their degrees at the some of the finest and most ancient universities in Europe, providing our students with all of the benefits of a cosmopolitan education and a venerable academic pedigree at our institution.