Vice Chancellor's Greeting

Dear Students and Friends,

The Collegium Augustinianum Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology is a unique institution and, quite frankly, on its way to becoming one of the best specialized graduate faculties in philosophy and theology in the world.  How many graduate programs in the United States can boast a renowned faculty with doctorates and other degrees from some of the ancient, European Universities including Cambridge, Paris, Louvain, Dublin and Rome?  Our fellows and faculty have not only received outstanding degrees, but they are themselves renowned philosophers and theologians making a mark in their respective fields.  At the Collegium Augustinianum, the graduate student will not only receive an education, but a legacy of scholarship. 

In fact, if you desire a European-style education but you cannot spend the next several years in class or in Europe, I encourage you to think about the Collegium Augustinianum because it is truly European in its character and approach to graduate study.  Our institution offers research degrees, which can be accomplished by thesis or dissertation under the mentorship of one of our outstanding scholars.  If we do not have a professor who is an expert in your field, it is our policy to find one to serve as a guest reader on the defense tribunal.  Indeed, in the case of one of our new doctoral students, our Chancellor invited the renowned Anglican theologian, John Milbank, to serve as a guest reader at his defense, and he has graciously agreed to do so.  Furthermore, the research degree is ideal for those students who want to focus on research and writing and not spend too much time on coursework. Nevertheless, our fellows in Paris, Philadelphia and Orlando offer tutorials and lectures on the entire history of philosophy and theology for those who wish to participate. Why not choose to be a part of a new institution that is also the beginnings of new school of thought and a new style of graduate education in the United States? 

Best Wishes,

Wm. P. Boswell

(Hon.) William P. Boswell, JD, LL.D.

Chairman of the Board and Vice Chancellor