Fellowships and Visiting Scholars
Visiting Scholars Program in Rome, Italy
The Visiting Scholars Program at the Collegium Augustinianum in Rome, Italy will commence in the Fall semester of 2017, offering residential sabbatical opportunities for research and writing projects.

Senior and Junior Scholars are invited to submit applications now for openings beginning in the Fall of 2017 in order to work on a research project, in residence at the Collegium Augustinianum.


1) Visiting Scholars must hold a minimum of a Master's Degree in one of the following disciplines or related field: philosophy, theology, classics.


Visitng Scholar/Research Sabbatical (Full Academic Year)-                  December

Visiting Scholar/Research Sabbatical (Fall Semester only)-                    May

Visiting Scholar/Research Sabbatical (Spring Semester only)-               September


Full Academic Year (Sept-May)=                                                   $9,000

One Academic (Aug-Dec/Jan-May) Semester=                             $5,000

Summer Semester=                                                                       $3,000                                                         

*Each program includes 1Bedroom with a research desk, including library privileges at one of the universities in Rome.

Residential Research Fellowships and Sabbaticals for Clergy

For Clergy seeking a residential research sabbatical, the Collegium Augustinianum offers a Research Fellowship program that provides a desk along with room and board at St. Willibrord Hall in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. As with all our Research Fellowships, this program includes full privileges to the Collegium Augustininaum Bandy Collection at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia and at the libraries of the University of Pennsylvania. 


If the Research Fellow presents his or her research to the College of Fellows of the Collegium Augustininaum, the Faculty of Theology grants a Graduate Diploma in Theology at the conclusion of the sabbatical. If desired, one could also pursue a research degree during residence; if so, the degree program tuition would have to be paid. At the conclusion of the program, all Clergy-in-residence or Research Fellows are granted the title of "Fellow" (ad honorem) of the Collegium Augustinianum.


The cost of a semester sabbatical as a Research Fellow or Clergy-in-residence is $4,000.00. Applications for the Fall Semester are due by August 10 and Applications for the Spring semester are due by December 05. Applications for the Summer are due by May 31.