The Bandy Collection of Classical Greek, Latin and Byzantine Studies

Thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Anastasia Bandy, the Fellows, faculty, students and visiting scholars of the Collegium Augustinianum have access to the former private library of The Rt. Rev. Prof. Dr. Anastasius C. Bandy, the late protopresbyter of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, renowned scholar of ancient Greek Christian inscriptions and Byzantine manuscripts and Fellow Emeritus of the Collegium Augustinianum, which is now housed at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia.

The Collection includes several volumes on ancient Greek and Latin grammar, philology, literature, ancient Greek Christian inscriptions, volumes and manuscripts concerning Late Roman and Early Byzantine antiquarian scholarship, and especially that from the Sixth century scholar, Ioannes Lydus, Byzantine hymnology in addition to several volumes on orthodox Christian theology and philosophy.

Professor Bandy’s library was contributed along with a supporting financial contribution $10,000.00 for the benefit of the members of the institution and the fellows, faculty and students of the Collegium Augustinianum, which is committed to assisting in maintaining the Collection. The Collegium Augustinianum will host an annual lecture concerning Professor Bandy’s scholarship and related fields.

The Bandy Collection is an invaluable resource for our Fellows and students pursuing research and specialized studies in Greek and Roman Classics, Byzantine studies and the Humanities.

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