Faculty of Theology

The DOCTOR OF THEOLOGY (Th.D.) degree in Theology

The doctoral dissertation may be on any topic in theology; however, since we have a highly specialized faculty dedicated to the thought of Augustine, the Augustinian tradition and the influence of Augustine on the history of philosophy and theology through the ages, the student is encouraged to either focus on Augustine of Hippo, or make some connection with Augustine and the Augustinian tradition.

The doctoral program usually takes between two and four years to complete, depending upon the student. As with most of our degrees, the doctoral program in theology is a non-residential, research degree under the supervision of a directing professor.

The first part of the doctoral program is spent on conducting research concerning one's scholarly interest under one's supervising professor, which can require one or more years, depending upon the student. The second part of the doctoral program is spent on the writing of the doctoral dissertation under one's supervising professor.

The dissertation may be written in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German or Dutch, depending upon the competency of the supervising professor and with permission from the Dean.

The MASTER OF THEOLOGY (Th.M.) degree in Theology

Although the student is not required to choose a specialization, the Faculty of Theology offers three specializations for the Second Cycle: 1) Patristic Studies, 2) Augustinian Studies or 3) Historical Theology. 

The Master of Theology degree generally requires two years for completion, and the student must successfully complete the following: 1) The first year of this program is generally spent in research under the supervision of a professor, 2) The second year of this program is essentially spent in the writing of one's thesis under one's supervising professor, 3) The successful completion of a Language Examination (Ancient or Modern, depending upon one's research project, and 4) successful completion of a Comprehensive Examination, involving written and oral parts.


This Diploma is usually a one-year program that requires three research papers. There are three specializations for the Graduate Diploma in Theology: 1) Patristic Studies, 2) Augustinian Studies or 3) Historical Theology.

The BACHELOR OF THEOLOGY (Th.B.) degree in Theology

In order to pursue this degree, the student must first possess either the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree or the Bachelor of Philosophy (Ph.B.) degree. This degree provides provides a foundation in theological sources.

Advanced standing can be awarded by the Dean for those students with a background in philosophy and theology.

Joint Degree Programs

Students may also pursue a joint degree program in two faculties by submitting a proposal to the respective Deans, requiring the approval of both Deans and the Rector.  Joint programs require full tuition for both degree programs.

For more information concerning the nature of our research degree programs and requirements, please see the section entitled The Research Degree.


Reading List in Preparation for the Comprehensive Examination
 toward the Th.B./S.T.B. and Th.M./S.T.L. degrees
Requirements for Preparing the Thesis