Faculty of Philosophy 
THE DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Ph.D.) degree in Philosophy

At the Collegium Augustinianum, all students are encouraged to connect their research with Augustine or the Augustinian tradition; and in general, students are accepted based upon a research interest in these areas.  However, the doctoral program in philosophy may be pursued any area of research in Western philosophy that is of interest to the faculty.  The faculty is especially interested in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Augustine, patristic philosophy, medieval philosophy (particularly Anselm, Bernard de Clairvaux, Bonaventure and Thomas Aquinas), Political Philosophy, Continental philosophy, and especially Existentialism, Phenomenology and postmodern philosophy.

The first part of the doctoral program is spent on research concerning one's interest under one's supervising professor, from one to two or more years, depending upon the student. The second part of the doctoral program is spent on the writing of the doctoral dissertation under one's supervising professor. The dissertation may be written in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German or Dutch, depending upon the competency of the supervising professor and with permission from the Dean.

THE MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY (Ph.M.) degree in Philosophy

This degree is intended for those students who wish to continue for the doctorate either at the Collegium Augustinianum or at another institution. Although the student is not required to choose a specialization, the Faculty of Philosophy offers four specializations for the Second Cycle: 1) Patristic and Medieval Studies, 2) Augustinian Studies, 3) History of Philosophy or 4) Classical and Christian Humanities. 

The Master of Philosophy degree generally requires two years for completion, and the student must successfully complete the following (unless the Dean dispenses the student for work completed elsewhere, or at his discretion): 1) The first year of this program is essentially spent in conducting research under the supervision of a professor, 2) the second year involves the writing of the thesis under one's supervising professor, 3) successful completion of a Language Examination (Ancient or Modern, depending upon one's research project), and 4) successful completion of a Comprehensive Examination, involving written and oral parts.

THE BACHELOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Ph.B.) degree in  Philosophy and Letters


The Faculty of Philosophy of the Collegium Augustinianum Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology offers a three-year Bachelor of Philosophy degree (Ph.B.) concentrating on  ancient philosophy, and especially in the works of Plato and Aristotle.

For this degree, students are required to study ancient Greek and Latin in order to read these ancient works in their original languages.

There is also another track of study for students in the Divinity School, who are generally required to have the Ph.B. as a prerequisite for the S.T.B. degree.

For more information on the nature of our degrees and degree requirements, please see the section entitled The Research Degree.

Required Reading Lists for the Baccalaureate degree
Requirements for Preparing the Thesis